Who we are:

Southeast Disinfectant Service - SDS - is licensed through the Georgia Department of Agriculture to offer disinfectant and surface protectant services on a commercial level. We are based in Folkston, GA and have clients across southern GA and northern FL. Our primary goal is to help reduce risks associated with contagious illness. Whether it's helping reduce health risks, helping keep staffing issues at a minimum, helping ease concerns of employees/clients/patients - and - whether we're talking about covid, the flu, common cold, stomach virus, bacterial borne illness, or the many other germs that can interfere with our day to day lives, we're here to help!

What we do:

Using the latest technology to improve coverage on each surface in the treated area, we apply two different solutions to help protect you, your, family, and guests/employees. One killing 99.99% of all viral and bacterial germs present. The other offering long term protection against the growth of bacteria. 

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Why choose us-

Through our studies for the state licensing exam and our ongoing research into technology and chemicals - we strive to stay in the know and offer you affordable and effective ways to protect your spaces from germs. By allowing us to routinely disinfect, you provide a different level of assurance to all those that enter. In addition to the treatment, we also provide signage for the entrance to every business/public space we treat. This signage indicates that the treatment was done, gives the treatment date, and directs questions to us--taking that much more off of you! 

Let us do what we're good at so you can continue focusing on what you're good at! 

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